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fussycut 3in1fc31
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center finding ruler
center finding ruler
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Crafty Bev Rulers

Twenty-Four Inch Center-Finding Ruler


This ruler will quickly become the one you
reach for first. It's big, hefty and so very
easy to read. Center-finding markings
are on the top edge, standard inches on
the bottom edge. It can be custom engraved
to make a very special gift. Click here.

   This is a beautiful tool. It is a 12 inch ruler, 4 inches wide, with a 1/4 in grid and 1/8 inch markings. The 4 x 12 also features angle guides for 30. 45 and 60 degrees.

   Like all our tools, the 4 x 12 is made from durable cell-cast plexiglass in easy-to-spot florescent green. Click here.

Promotional Rulers

Smaller rulers, 1 x 4, 1 x 6 or 1 x 8, with
custom engraving make excellent promotional
items. Many quilt shops commemorate an
anniversary by giving out rulers with their
logo and contact information. Quilt guilds
can use these as fundraisers. Click Here.

   This twelve-inch center-finding ruler has inches on the top edge and millimeters on the bottom. Made of highest quality fluourescent green cast plexiglass, this ruler can be read against light or dark fabrics, and is extremely durable. Click here.