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fussycut 3in1fc31
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Promotional Products

Put your business name in the hands of your customers, where they see it every time they work in their sewing room.

Crafty Bev makes custom promotional products


Our new "Inches & Bits Measurement Gauge" fits on a keychain, but has quick gauges for 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1 1/8",  1 1/4", 1 3/8", 1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4", and 2".

It also has a pencil point sized hole to mark 1/4" seam allowances and a hole for a keychain.

And it still has room for three or four lines of text.

This handy little gauge is a keeper. Call or email Bev for bulk
pricing with your information engraved.


customized 6 inch ruler

Small specialty rulers can be customized, your company or organization name can be engraved. Some logos can be engraved, but some cannot be reproduced well with laser engraving. Send us your art for an evaluation.

These rulers are manufactured in the USA from superior quality flourescent cell-cast plexiglass, not extruded plexiglass, giving them maximum strength and durability.

Pricing is for loose, unpackaged rulers. Prepayment is required on all custom orders, no internet payment on custom work. Please call or email.

Proofs will be provided by email. For simple text or logos there is no art or setup fee.

1" x 4" Custom Rulers

50 - 99 .78 each
100 - 249 .72 each
250 + .65 each

MSRP = $1.95

1" x 6" Custom Rulers

50 - 99 1.15 each
100 - 249 1.05 each
250 + .95 each

MSRP = $2.95

Also available in 1" x 8", 2" x 8", 3.5" x 6", 4" x 6" and virtually any custom size.

biz card

3.5" x 2" Flourescent Plexiglass Business Cards

We made and distributed our own plexiglass business cards and found that other people wanted them too. Our card has a 3.5 inch ruler, a 4 cm. ruler, a 1/16 inch grid and a Y seam mark hole. We can customize to include many other options, as desired.

50 - 99 1.00 each
100 - 249 .90 each
250 + .80 each