south paw toolsCrafty Bev introduces South Paw tools, quilting tools designed for left-handed people.southpawtools

"Left-handed People
Have Rights, Too.
And now they have cool rulers from Crafty Bev."

In a world where most tools are built for right-handed people, lefties have to figure out how to do things backwards.

So we're introducing South Paw Tools, quilting tools designed especially for left-handed people. We're starting with the FussyCut 3in1 Tool and the Big Sister. These have been redesigned especially for lefties and can be personalized with a name, like most other Crafty Bev tools.

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Springtime at last.

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What's New

South Paw Tools - We redesigned the FussyCut 3in1 Tool and the larger Big Sister for left-handed artists. Now it's easy for lefties to use the features of these cool tools.

South Paw Tools can be personalized, too. What would be a cooler gift for a left-handed friend than a left-handled tool with their name engraved on it?

Click here for more information about South Paw Tools.

And send us an email if there's another tool you'd like to see designed for lefties, or for that matter any tool you'd like to see at all. Email

Marwin's Cathedral Star template - Our good friend Marwin Smith has designed a cool template for an easy cathedral window style quilt block.

cathedral star quilt cathedral star template

Marwin made this beautiful cathedral window style quilt using her new Cathedral Star template.

Click here for more information about the Cathedral Star template.

It's patented! The inside corner cutter, those channels in the FussyCut 3in1 and the Big Sister are now covered by patent #8,499,470.

inside cornercutter

On the drawing board - here's what we're working on right now.

Coming soon, the 18 inch ruler. We'll be making these in two styles. They will have one side as an 18 inch ruler. We'll make both center-finding rulers and metric rulers for the other edge.

Of course the 18 inch rulers will be available personalized for individual artists or engraved with shop name and information for quilt shops.

Also in the works, a larger Curvey!



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