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fussycut 3in1fc31
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The FussyCut 3in1
Now available as Right-handed or Left-handed

Bright, compact, multi-functional, the FussyCut 3-in-1 tool will quickly become a studio staple.  The wild neon color lets you see markings on light and dark, plain and print fabric, and makes it easy to spot in a target-rich creative environment.

Corner Cutter  lets you take your cut out of the middle.

Use a standard 60mm or 45mm rotary cutter to fussy-cut squares and rectangles from the middle of your fabric.  Find the perfect portion of fabric, frame it with your FussyCut 3in1™ tool.  Then use the FussyCut 3in1 tool’s Corner Cutter to cut the long side in the usual way, but extend the cut into the patent-pending corner channels.  Aligned at 90 degrees, the channels allow you to make a clean corner cut.  You may find it helpful to flip the rotary cutter for easier cutting on the shorter side of the Corner Cutter, or start the cut in the channel to use the rotary cutter in the usual way.

fussyvut 3in1Click here to view the five minute demonstration video.


Find the middle

Two ways to use the FussyCut 3in1 tool’s Center-Finding Ruler.  Put the 0 at the point you want to use as your center.  Find the corresponding (duplicate) numbers, right and left, and mark those points to establish your cutting lines.  Or . . .
Align the duplicate numbers, right and left, over the points you want to use as your boundary.  Then the 0 marks the center.

Seam Allowance Guide
The FussyCut 3in1 tool lets you confirm a variety of accurate seam allowances.  Needle-sized holes mark seam allowance points for 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", ½", 5/8" and 3/4" seams.  Sink your sewing machine or hand needle in the hole to confirm an accurate seam allowance.   

1/8" Bonus Grid
The Seam Allowance Guide on FussyCut 3in1 gives you a bonus – accurate 1/8" markings in a 1" by 1 ½" area.  With increments so small, you’ll easily eyeball 1/16th of an inch, too.

Bonus Mini-Metric Ruler
With so much information provided in metrics these days, you’ll appreciate the convenience of the FussyCut 3in1 tool’s  12 centimeter / 120 millimeter Mini Metric Ruler.

Bonus Y Seam Guide
X marks the spot for Y Seams and bindings that call for a mark 1/4 inch in from two edges. FussyCut 3in1 has a hole, just large enough for a pencils point, to make that mark at the perfect spot.

Custom order the FussyCut 3in1™ tool with your organization or business logo for  fund-raising, proprietary product line, promotional advertising, or gifts. 


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