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fussycut 3in1fc31
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center finding ruler
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examples of custom work

Custom Work

We will be very glad to discuss making your custom or promotional items. We have a reputation for customer satisfaction - getting it exactly right. Some printshops I've dealt with will follow the customer's instructions exactly, including misspellings and incorrect punctuation, without saying a word. We're not like that. Bev is a quilter, and she catches small mistakes and suggests improvements before we go into production. Recently, on a custom order Bev suggested that the hanging hole should be on the other end. A little thing, but it made a real difference in the final product. We already had an approved proof, but we sent the suggestion to the client with a new proof, got a new approval and made a much better product than the one which was ordered.

It's a partnership relationship - we're working together to produce the best product possible. With the speed of email, the extra communication doesn't significantly add to production time.

Send us an email describing the custom work you're thinking of doing. Include as much detail as possible including color and thickness of plexiglass and quantity you'd like to have quoted.

Thank you,

Rick Hilton