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Curvey! is an essential tool for garment sewers who want
the most professional possible results. It gives you the “business end” of a traditional French curve fashion ruler,
stock-in-trade for pattern drafters and students of garment design, in a fraction of the space, and in bright see-through plexiglass.

Patterns rarely fit “just right,” and almost always call for
some tweaking. Curvey! will help you restore or draw perfect necklines, armscyes, hip and crotch lines, especially after
you’ve made necessary pattern adjustments. The continuous curve on Curvey! corresponds to natural body lines, which
means your corrections and alterations on curvy pattern
pieces can flow as they must to fit and flatter.

Based on the well-known French curve fashion ruler, our
is smaller, more compact, more manageable,
easier to use than traditional fashion rulers, which come
in three parts and are nearly two feet tall. Curvey! gives
you the most-used functions, curves and straight edge, in
an easy-to-use, easy-to-store, easy-to-find 11" by 4 ½" tool.

Like all our tools, Curvey! is made from durable cell-cast plexiglass in easy-to-spot florescent green. The precision nautilus curve is marked from zero to 14 inches. The 5/8"
grid runs to seven inches, and the helpful grain marking line
is three inches long.

Optimum results for fashion sewers come in a small colorful package


Name to be engraved, if any.