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Cathedral Star Template

Marwin Smith

Marwin Smith (of the Perfect Spools Marking Templates) has done it again!

We all love the look of a beautiful cathedral windows quilt, but few among us is crazy about the amount of work required to get that look.

Marwin has developed a template that produces a cathedral windows style quilt that takes a tiny fraction of the work, no handwork, but with all the beauty and quality of the original.

Employing the quilt as you go technique, as you finish each 4 1/2" by 5" block you're done - petaled top, batting and backing. Make as many blocks as you need for the size quilt you want, then stitch them together following the easy-to-follow instructions included with each template.

For many of us, making a cathedral windows quilt was on our bucket list. Now you can make that beautiful quilt without having to invest the next year to the project. Bet you can't make just one!

MADE IN THE USA from premium red florescent cell-cast plexiglass - sturdy and easy to spot in a targetr-rich creative environment!