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fussycut 3in1fc31
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center finding ruler
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Inches & Bits
A handy measurement gauge


"Inches & Bits" gives you all the measurements from two inches down to 1/4 inch in a petit package. It even includes the oh-so-useful 1/4" marking point for Y-seams, miters and bindings that has become such a hit since we introduced it on our patent-pending FussyCut 3in1 Tool.

It's an exceptionally handy little tool, much quicker to use on small work than a full sized ruler.

"Inches & Bits" is made from florescent green plexiglass.

And it's FREE with the online purchase of $10 or more in Crafty Bev merchandise.

It will be packed with your items and you don't even have to ask


big sister ruler

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